• September 28, 2020
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The Holy Spirit in Bible Study

We as a whole have had on occasion, as we study the Bible, something bounced off the page at us. The Holy Spirit enlightened some segments of the Bible and it catches our eye. How would we ordinarily react when that occurs? In what capacity would it be advisable for us to react?

In the start of my stroll with the Holy Spirit, when He would give me something in my study, I needed to run out and tell everybody. It was so energizing to acknowledge God was conversing with me through His promise. Generally I would simply continue reading, possibly trusting He would do it once more. Like fortune chasing. Amazing, I found another. I have since taken a superior manner.

I have discovered that when something leaps out at me it is a sign to delay, to stop. Remaining at the time, that second that the Holy Spirit made, is significant. The time has come to get tranquil for a second to tune in. To remain at the time until you sense it has passed, is an order. The number of known at men’s bible study times many are the interruptions.

Some of the time the second is only that, a second, however once in a while it waits. The more we figure out how to remain in that general area, resting at the time made by the Spirit, the more in order we are turning out to be to the Spirit’s moving.

It might be vital, now and again, to remain in the contemplation of the enlightened idea for quite a long time. Try not to be in a rush to simply learn more things. Be in a rush to study how to stream with the Spirit in the things He lights up.

On the off chance that you long to be on top of the Holy Spirit’s essence and work in your life at that point delayed down. Hinder your reading so you can be delicate to His promptings. Stay where He is until He moves. At that point you will locate the Holy Spirit, in your Bible study, driving you into all reality.