• January 19, 2020
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Types of Wood Flooring Available

Wood flooring is produced in a wide range of materials, and each has their own look. Here we will investigate some key terms to ensure you know precisely what you are purchasing. Training is a significant piece of the purchasing procedure.

There are two significant sorts of wood flooring that we will talk about: Solid wood and designed wood.

Solid wood:

As the name infers is flooring material that is all “genuine” wood. Normally processed from a 3/4 inch thick bit of hardwood, Solid Wood Flooring is a durable item that can be sanded and resurfaced ordinarily and whenever introduced in the correct condition can keep going for ages.

Designed Wood:

Still viewed as “genuine hardwood flooring” however designed wood has just a consider layer hardwood over a compressed wood base. This item is extraordinary for zones with dampness.

Strip Flooring:

This is restricted segments of wood, typically accessible in widths of 1/2″, 2″ and 2 1/4″ wide. This is the thing that you see in many homes.

Board Flooring:

This is wood flooring with widths of 3″ or more noteworthy. This was for quite some time thought about a conventional look, however wide boards are really turning into a backbone of present day structure.

Arbitrary Width Flooring:

Consolidates different widths of wood flooring and can be designed. This gives an extremely intriguing look to your room.

Parquet Flooring:

This is a designed wood floor, in which portions of wood are laid in various ways. Parquet flooring is commonly sold in tiles. Parquet has gotten considerably more well known starting late, in the wake of having somewhat of a period where it had dropped out of design.